RAMP® 200

The RAMP® 200 is an advanced, multi-port reader with innovative design features and consists of a Control Module (CM) and a Test Module (TM). 

Note: *The following tests can be run on RAMP® 200

*1 CM and 1 TM paired is required 

Response Cardiovascular:

  • RAMP® Troponin I 
  • RAMP® NT-proBNP
  • RAMP® Myoglobin 
  • RAMP® D-Dimer 
Response Infectious Disease
  • RAMP® Procalcitonin 
  • RAMP® Flu A + B 
  • RAMP® RSV 
Response Biodefense
  • RAMP® Anthrax
  • RAMP® Bot Tox
  • RAMP® Pox 
  • RAMP® Ricin 
  • RAMP® Training 
Response Environmental 
  • RAMP® West Nile Virus
  • RAMP® Dengue 

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The RAMP® 200 provides:

  • Convenient touchscreen interface
  • Facilitate easy menu navigation
  • Proprietary software to read prgrammed lot cards
  • Access to patient and quality control results
  • Run multiple tests on the same or different patients simultaneously 
  • Scanner and printer accessories
  • Multi-language capability (English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, German and Chinese)

The dual port TM provides high throughput capability for any facility, allowing patient tests to be run simultaneously, with the option to expand the reader system to up to 3 TMs. Other qualities of RAMP® 200 are that it will reject used or expired cartridges or insertion of a new cartridge with previous lot entry. The RAMP® 200 calculates the RAMP® Ratio to correct for sources of varaibility.