The RAMP® Reader is a fully portable, point of care testing solution. 

Note: *The following tests can run on RAMP® Reader 

Response Cardiovascular:

  • RAMP® Troponin I 
  • RAMP® NT-proBNP
  • RAMP® Myoglobin 
  • RAMP® D-Dimer 
Response Infectious Disease
  • RAMP® Procalcitonin 
  • RAMP® Flu A + B 
  • RAMP® RSV 
Response Biodefense
  • RAMP® Anthrax
  • RAMP® Bot Tox
  • RAMP® Pox 
  • RAMP® Ricin 
  • RAMP® Training 
Response Environmental 
  • RAMP® West Nile Virus
  • RAMP® Dengue 

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The RAMP® Reader provides:

  • A fully portable (battery and/ or AC power), lightweight reader
  • Self-diagnostic and internal quality control checks
  • Proprietary software to read programmed lot cards
  • Menu allows for RAMP® Reader customization
  • Access to patient and quality control results - drop down to instruction of use 

Other qualities of RAMP® Reader are that it will reject used or expired cartridges or insertion of a new cartridge with previous lot entry. The RAMP® Reader calculates the RAMP® Ratio to correct sources of variability, time to result is 15 minutes.