The RAMP® Dengue test has 100 test kits in a box. It is a highly sensitive test used to detect antigen of all four Dengue virus serotypes (DEV-1, DEV-2, DEV-3, DEV-4) in mosquito homogenates.

This test is used by mosquito control districts, public health laboratories, veterinary diagnostic laboratories and universities.

RAMP® Dengue is use for quick pre-screening needs and to effectively manage Dengue programs in a timely manner.

*RAMP® Reader or RAMP® 200 is required to run these tests.     

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Instructions of Use

Running a test involves 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Prepare and add sample

Step 2: Insert Cartridge into RAMP® 200 or RAMP® Reader 

Step 3: Read and print results. Results are quantitative!