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  • Why should I choose to buy from Point of Care?
    Point of Care sources and brings in products that are of the highest standards and quality, used worldwide and gotten health regulatory clearance for sale. We handpicked our products from trusted manufacturers and specialises in relevant POCT (point of care testing) product suite that brings benefit to our customers. We want to give our customers the best that they can get because they have put their trust in us. We also understand the importance of medical information of every individual. Keeping your information confidential, from purchase to delivery, is our top priority.
  • How do I know that the medical devices I bought are credible and safe to use?
    All of our medical products have been cleared for sales in Singapore by our health regulatory affairs. The medical devices we selected have gone through stringent reviews to make sure they are rigorously tested and are manufactured from credible sources. Most of our products also comes with global recognised regulatory clearances (e.g. FDA, CE marked, Health Canada, etc.). Please refer to the detailed descriptions for each product.
  • How do I place an order?
    For home use products, you can purchase the products directly with us by simply clicking on the buy option and making payment via the check-out process. For professional use products, we can only distribute them to clinics, hospitals/laboratory and doctors. Hence, we will require you to have a registered account with us for company verification before you can make the purchase. Contact us via our online enquiry form or email us at
  • Where can I obtain pricing information?
    The products listed on the hospital/laboratories distribution page are only available for corporate use. You will need to create an account with with us. Simply, select on the contact page and message us through the form by entering your enquiry and company details. After that, an accounts verification process will be needed before you can view the pricing and make the orders. Alternatively, please feel free to email us at or contact us via the online enquiry form for more information.
  • What is the delivery / shipping policy?
    For local delivery, we use our local delivery and postal services for home use kits. For professional use medical devices, our products are delivered to the clinics and hospitals in a cool environment via a medial delivery truck, depending on the requirements of the medical device. Delivery is free when you purchase above $30. For international shipping, we use FedEx; Note: for bulk overseas purchases, please make sure that the products are allowed to enter the country by checking on the import regulation laws. Also, customs and tax may be borne by you.
  • What is the return policy / warranty?
    Medical devices or test strips are not susceptible for returns unless the product is not delivered to you in proper condition or the product is proven faulty. Please check your product and let us know immediately if it is damaged during delivery. We will also not accept returns if: 1) Product have been opened and taken out of the original packaging 2) Products partly used or which the labels or seals have been removed and tampered 3) Products have been damaged 4) Products have been deteriorated because of improper storage, abuse or other factors 5) Products are that expired or later than 3 months prior to expiration date Please log your case with us via the online enquiry form or email us at We will evaluate every case carefully and provide a replacement product if it falls within our warranty responsibility. Note: We follow and take our hygiene of medical devices very strictly; thus, we will be very stringent when reviewing each case.
  • How can I register an account with Point of Care?
    Please contact us through our online enquiry form, or email us at We will need to know your name, company name, company registration number, and contact information for verification. We will get back to you within 2-3 days with an account ID and password.
  • Why should we partner with Point of Care?
    Point of Care is experienced in the registration of medical devices as well as the import and distribution to clinics, hospitals and laboratories. We are constantly looking out for partners, be it registrants, importers or wholesalers, who would like to leverage our service to grow their business. When you partner with Point of Care, you can leverage on our online medical store, network of customers, as well as other resources for early entry into the market. We believe in a win-win partnership that will benefit you as and help us grow.
  • What is the benefit of partnering with Point of Care?
    Point of Care is committed in helping you jumpstart and grow your business. Some companies leverage only on our product registration service, whereas others benefit through our storage and delivery and/or online marketing and sales through our online medical store. By leveraging on our network, services and online marketing platform, you can save the up-front cost of setting them up on your own. You will also be able to market and sell your product immediately upon successful registration.
  • What is the success rate of registering our product?
    To-date, Point of Care has a 100 percent success rate in the registration of medical devices. We will evaluate the documentations and applications before submission to the health regulatory authorities, to reduce your risk to the minimum. However, the ultimate success of every product registration is dependent on the product owner/ manufacturer's abilities to fulfill the requirements of the health regulatory authorities.
  • Do you allow us to list all our products on the site?
    Point of Care specialises in POCT (Point of Care Testing) medical devices. To maintain the high relevancy of our marketing projects and achieve the best results, we are highly selective in our product selection process. We will also need the products to have high quality and credibility before listing them. If you are interested in partnering with Point of Care, please enquiry with us through our online enquiry form or email us at We will then arrange a meeting for detailed discussion.
  • What is the cost of engaging Point of Care's professional services?
    Product registration will depend on the class of the product to be registered. Please submit your enquiry through our online form, or email us at for a free quotation.
  • Is there privacy and confidentiality in the partnership agreement?
    Yes, there is a partnership agreement that needs to be signed to protect both parties' privacy and confidentiality. This partnership agreement will be in a written form, stating both parties' terms and acknowledgment to the agreement.
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