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Hands-Feet Coordination Game Mini Set

Hands-Feet Coordination Game Mini Set

Elevate your coordination skills with the innovative Hands and Feet Coordination Game! Designed to challenge and improve both hand-eye and hand-foot coordination, this game is your gateway to endless hours of fun and skill enhancement.


Explicitly designed for brain training. Cultivates coordination, and logical thinking, and stimulates brain activity.


Promotes sensory development. A rippled surface allows you to engage nerve endings in fingertips/tiptoes, encouraging sensitivity and fine motor skills. Help to develop interhemispheric connections and train coordination.


The box includes 12 pcs. ORTOTO Quarter puzzle mats:

4 x “Mini-grass” | Soft

4 x “Mini-bubble” | Stiff

4 x “Mini-spikes” | Stiff

  • Composition

    The massage mats are made of certified high-quality materials (BPA & Phthalate Free).

    Recommended age: 2 years - 10 years